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Transcend Anxiety - Men's Circle


The circle is a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears, and to listen to other men.

It is a place of solidarity and support. No judgement. No shame. Just truth, openness, love and kindness.

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Whether you’ve been part of a men’s group before or not, there’s little doubt that you’re more isolated now than you have been before.

This circle will give you a place to safely share what’s happening for you right now in a safe place.

Here, you will find other men who listen and share openly.

Transcend Anxiety - Men's Circle

how it works

We meet regularly virtually using either Zoom or Hangouts.

You can attend any session that you want. You don’t have to attend every session. And when you attend you don’t have to share, you are welcome to simply listen.

The session schedule will be shared to everyone who registers.

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the rules

Every man is expected to follow the below rules:

  • The circle is a sacred space, anything another man shares is to be respected, honoured, and kept within the circle.

  • Listen when another man is talking, never interrupt.

  • Do not offer your thoughts, advice, or ideas to another man unless you are specifically asked to do so.

  • The circle is intoxicant-free, please do not show up under the influence of any intoxicants.

  • You do not have to share, you do have to listen respectfully.

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