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Anxiety is something that humans have felt for millennia. It is part of our life experience. Sometimes it helps us and sometimes it hinders us.

Too often anxiety is seen as the enemy. It’s not. It’s completely natural. It’s not something you need fight. Instead with the right tools and techniques you can learn to live with anxiety and not let it control you.

Happy women without anxiety

Transcend Anxiety offers ideas, advice, training, and therapy to help you work through the anxiety that is getting in your way.

Everything we do is backed by science and communicated with kindness, compassion, and hope.

There is no judgement, shame, or guilt here.

Your path is unique, here you will find articles, videos, workshops, and a clinic to help you transcend Anxiety is your own way.


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meet Adam Stanecki

Adam is a lifelong student of philosophy and psychology. From an early age, he was deeply interested in what was going on in his head and the heads of those around him.

He grew up surrounded by people dealing with anxiety in their own way. Throughout his school years, Adam often felt isolated and unsure, and so he committed himself to investigating how he could change his mind and his actions and therefore his outcomes.

Adam Stanecki - Anxiety specialist

For over 20 years, Adam has coached and guided people on their path to wellness.

He is trained in TCM, martial arts, fitness, massage, hypnosis, NLP, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Adam brings an open-minded, positive approach to training and therapy. He creates opportunities for people and organisations to reconnect with themselves, feel good, and live life to the full.

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